Welcome to Your AGS Genetic Health Journey!
Welcome to Your AGS Genetic Health Journey!
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Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test
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Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test

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AGS Premium Health & Wellness Genetic Test

Discover the variations that make your genome unique and be empowered with an actionable “Genetic Owner’s Manual” to guide your wellness decisions. Make smarter lifestyle choices. Includes analysis of 60+ variations on 51 genes and nine health and wellness categories. Consultations are done with your AGS Provider.

Upon completion of your order, a test collection kit and requisition form will be mailed to you. Complete your 30 second cheek swab and return (postage-paid) to AGS. Reports are delivered via encrypted email in 2 - 3 weeks. One test collection kit per order. Pricing in US dollars. Your order includes:
  • FREE Group Overview Sessions
  • FREE Client Implementation Guide
  • FREE Genetic Dietary Profile Meal Plans
  • FREE Ongoing Support and Guidance
  • Optional consultations with an AGS Genetic Health Specialist
  • Optional ancillary and post-test services