Welcome to Your AGS Genetic Health Journey!
Welcome to Your AGS Genetic Health Journey!
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NutraFit™ Plus Health & Wellness Genetic Test
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NutraFit™ Plus Health & Wellness Genetic Test

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AGS NutraFit Plus™ Health & Wellness Genetic Test

Discover the variations that make your genome unique and be empowered with a light “Genetic Owner’s Manual” to guide your wellness decisions. Your personalized 22-page NutraFit Plus™ Genetic Profile Report includes your optimal daily intake percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and protein in addition to power/endurance percentages for daily exercises, and genetic predisposition information for food cravings, blood pressure, cholesterol & more. Improve your immune system with actionable tips and recommendations! Consultations are done with your AGS Provider.

Upon completion of your order, a test collection kit and requisition form will be mailed to you. Complete your 30 second cheek swab and return (postage-paid) to AGS. Reports are delivered via encrypted email in 2 - 3 weeks. One test collection kit per order. Pricing in US dollars. Your order includes:

  • FREE Group Overview Sessions
  • FREE Client Implementation Guide
  • FREE Genetic Dietary Profile Meal Plans
  • FREE Ongoing Support and Guidance
  • Optional consultations with an AGS Genetic Health Specialist
  • Optional ancillary and post-test services